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While methods of getting free search engine traffic will come and go, there is one constant in the world of internet marketing...


Email Marketing Explained.

Ask almost anyone who is making a living from doing business on the internet what one thing they CAN'T live without and you'll have them kicking and screaming if you tried to take away their list! List building is a top priority!

So, that's where BIG LIST BUILDER comes in! We're here to help internet marketers and web businesses add to and enhance their list of subscribers and customers with verified opt-in emails of people who really are interested in their products and services. Opt-in list building of subscribers to newsletters and announcemnts.

The power of our plan is in building CO PROMOTIONAL list building campaigns that target like-minded potential subscribers. A Big List Builder co promotion is one of those rare WIN-WINS we always look for, but are so hard to find!

The secret is the power of the cooperative effort. Quality partners pool together asssets to attract the best prospects on the web, all without any out of pocket expenses! List building is based on cooperation and working together with jv partners to get new leads!

My name is Mike Liebner, and while I may not have my face plastered on billboards or the sides of busses, I am an internet marketing veteran of over 10 years. My current passion is developing new customers and leads and building my list by offering emails and newsletters loaded with value. I share tips, tools, videos, tutorials, product reviews, marketing news and advice which keeps my opt-in subscribers on my list and buying products and visiting web sites that I bring to their attention!

I've been doing extremely well and am happy with the responsive nature of my customers and subscribers!

I'd like to share my experience with you and combine forces to bring in more new quality leads for the both of us! In fact that should read ALL of us, as other partners have a lot to offer us in unique one of a kind co promotions.

Do you have a newsletter, or send regular mailings?

Do you have something of value that you can give away IF you can get a qualified opt-in subscriber???

While it's GOOD to give away something of value to lure in the new subscriber, it's even better when JV Joint Venture "cross marketing partnerships" can present an almost irresistible plate of goodies!

That's what I call COPROMOTIONAL and Co-op Offers! The power of cooperation in list building!

Do you have something of value you can contribute to a pool of JV Partners that will help us bring in new leads? If so we really should discuss the exciting options available to us when we work together!

I've got some innovative ideas that are truly the fast way to get qualified web surfers to opt-in to be a part of our newsletters and mailing lists! All I need is for you to contribute a product with value and commit to a mailing to give away our exciting big package. It's that simple.

Big List Builder is the FREEWAY to a BIGGER LIST!

Fast and FREE we'll help every level of marketer add good quality leads to their lists of subscribers and prospects! And, it's not just me that wants to partner with you! Some of the biggest names on online marketing and web publishing would like to share their customers and combine forces for the greater good!

You see - this isn't a scam - it isn't a money grab - it's truly one of those few WIN WIN situations that will be equally valuable to each participant, regardless of the amount of contribution! Not just a slanted skewed with a promotion that has a small payout or that benefits one participant...

NOPE! CO PROMOTIONS are good for everyone involved and that means that the quality of those participating is very high because QUALITY attracts QUALITY!

Yes, I really do have it all figured out! All that's missing is YOU!

Right now we are working on an invitation only basis. If you'd like to participate, let me know a little about you and maybe we can plan a promotion together. I have 5 consumer web sites prepared just for these CO PROMOTIONAL ventures. Maybe one of them would be just right for you?

So, if you would like more information on how YOU can join us and get your EMAIL LIST TO GROW with new qualified prospects by participating in our unique co promotional efforts, please drop us a line so we can send you info about our current list building promotions.

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