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If you want to make BIG money on the Internet, you have to do more than sell a $19 ebook. Listen to anyone who makes $25,000+ per month, and you soon see a pattern.

They didn't sell just a $19 ebook. I see HUNDREDS of my fellow entrepreneurs wasting hundreds of hours and leaving 1,000s of dollars in EXTRA, easy-to-reach profits sitting on the table each month because they don't know THE secret that I will be sharing with you. In early 2006, Mike Filsaime rocked the Internet Marketing world with One and a Half Million Dollars in sales in just 25 days.

Mike has since built a multi-million business consisting of live seminars, membership sites, and coaching (his own products and as an affiliate marketers for others). How would you like to learn the same techniques that he and other Internet Marketing Superstars used to build their successful businesses? And yes, you can do this even if you are starting out, have no list, no product or are only doing affiliate marketing. Keep on reading...

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