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List Building - Successfully Build an Opt-In List With These Tips
By Jason A Osborn

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Every internet marketer knows that you cannot make money if you do not have a list of prospects and customers to sell to. You have to market your products, affiliate, informational or otherwise, in such a way that people will want to learn more about them. Since everyone and their dog is getting involved in internet marketing these days, you have to be able to compete, which means letting people get to know you and giving them value for free.

A couple of years ago it was easy to have a list. You just went online and bought one. Unfortunately, spam laws and anxious autoresponders no longer allow for easy list buying. There is so much liability with a purchased list that many autoresponders simply won't allow them. If they do allow them, it is in a very limited format, from a select number of companies, and they always cost more than they are worth.

The best way to get prospects now is to build opt in list. To do this you have to have a website where people can enter their information to join your list. This is called a squeeze page or lead capture page. In order to convince people to sign up to your list you'll have to offer them some incentive, such as a free informational product.

The best way to build opt in list is by driving traffic to your lead capture page through article marketing. In this way you are not just building a list of random people wanting something for free. You are reaching those in your target market. Your articles give them basic yet valuable information that lets them know you know how to solve their problems. When they click on your link they have already decided to sign up to your list and get the giveaway.

Successfully Build an Opt-In List

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